Office Horror 2 November 23, 2017

And again we did it! The second part of an “Office Horror” came out in 2017. Read more on BLOG.

The Politician May 31, 2016

The politician got kidnapped. An inquisitive journalist is trying to uncover this mystery. If you liked it and want to watch behind the scenes as well as to find out why this movie is exactly 3 minutes long and has a RØDE logo in front of it, then go to my BLOG.

Mistake November 16, 2015

I was always dreaming about being able to shoot the short movie about love. In 2015 my dream came true. The scenario I was carrying in my head for a long time. Then finally one day I told myself: “its time to take an action”. Read more on my BLOG.

Office Horror October 17, 2014

Hard to believe, but this short film was created for a charity contest. If you want to know little bit more about it, check out my BLOG.

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