THE RISE OF BELARUSIANS. To Defeat the Dictator October 13, 2020

This film is not fiction. This is what’s happening right now in #Belarus — the country where law and justice haven’t been working for 26 years. My country. If you want to help financially Belarusian families who have suffered from political repression by losing their jobs or getting imprisoned, as well as independent media, check out the links to fundraising initiatives below. Thank you. 1) https://bysol.org/english | Belarus solidarity foundation2) https://belarus97.pro/eng | BY_help3) https://gofundme.com/f/mediasol4) https://bit.ly/2FnLWzc

WestRock Krakow – Poland September 3, 2020

I am proud to present a promotional video which I made for a Cracow (Poland) Shared Service Center of an American company WestRock. It was not easy one, as there were a lot of details that had to be taken into consideration, but the end result as per me is very good.

How to record SOUND without REVERB or ECHO|Audio Recording Tips August 7, 2020

Sound is everything. Probably, it’s even more important that image in your video. If you want to learn, how to record crispy SOUND without REVERB or ECHO, in this video I am sharing my Audio Recording Tips. Do not waste your time on making a video, if you don’t bother about sound quality!

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