How a NORMAL PERSON drinks Cola vs. FILMMAKER July 29, 2021

I think I should start a series called “NORMAL PERSON vs FILMMAKER”. I love irony and I think this is a great way to express that. What do you think? In this video you’ll see an oversaturated filmmaking Coca-Cola drinking b-roll 😅 aka commercial. Enjoy!

1 SECOND per SHOT TRIP June 6, 2021

I really hate putting together videos from my trips when I do not have any idea or scenario in my head while I’m just taking random shots of everything I see around. This was exactly this kind of a trip, so I decided to make it a little bit more fun and every single shot from it in this video lasts only 1 second. Check it out

The most beautiful sunset in the world | A Sony a7III film March 13, 2021

So this is my short story about one of my last trips to the mountains called Beskid Żywiecki on the South of Poland, where I saw one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen. There is something unique about the sunsets during the winter, and I cannot say what exactly. Probably it’s all about the weather itself or, the atmosphere around you, about people that surround you, your mental comfort. Maybe…

Best Beginning of 2021 | Mountains, Resolutions, Family January 7, 2021

I start this year with a very short introduction video where I share some of my thoughts about my vision of achieving anything in our lives that requires more effort than usual, about how important it is to not stop halfway – so that may be sort of motivation for you and me for this amazing year which I am sure will be aw

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