Crispy audio in Premiere Pro | 5 Easy Tips + FREE TEMPLATE February 27, 2021

In this video I share my 5 Premiere Pro tips that make my audio sound crispy and juicy. DOWNLOAD HERE my FREE Premiere Pro template with audio presets. This free version includes: ► Structured folders for the Premiere Pro project ► Premiere Pro template with ready Audio Presets (voice enhancement, sub-mix, mastering) ► Structured audio on the timeline and in the Audio Track Mixer (VOICE, SFX, MUSIC) ► 2 presets (separate .prfpset files) for NTG3 and Rode VideoMicro microphones. Enjoy!

Best Microphones for YouTube | VideoMic Me & Rode NTG3 + Tascam DR-10l December 14, 2020

In this video I am talking about my favorite microphones that I use for my video productions. These are Rode NTG3, Rode VideoMic Me and Tascam DR-10l. Have you heard from any of your friends that to become a professional video content creator you just need to buy a fancy camera and lens? If yes, you must know that they are wrong. The most crucial part in any video is sound.

How to record SOUND without REVERB or ECHO|Audio Recording Tips August 7, 2020

Sound is everything. Probably, it’s even more important that image in your video. If you want to learn, how to record crispy SOUND without REVERB or ECHO, in this video I am sharing my Audio Recording Tips. Do not waste your time on making a video, if you don’t bother about sound quality!

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