Consistency on YouTube May 9, 2021

Imagine your YouTube channel is a fire. And you don’t add firewood to it consistently. You add some today, you add some tomorrow, then during 2 weeks you don’t add anything, so your fire is getting smaller and smaller and finally by the moment you add more firewood to it, nothing happens as there is no fire anymore, so you need to light it again. But now imagine you add firewood to the fire consistently, so it keeps burning. Eventually…

Why your voice sucks with Rode NTG3 April 25, 2021

In this video I share my thoughts on why your voice may suck even if you use an amazing microphone like Rode NTG3​. I went through it. My voice sucked. Not anymore 😎 DOWNLOAD HERE my FREE Premiere Pro template with audio presets. WATCH how to make your audio better.​

Spring in Poland. Taking pictures using smartphone vs. Sony a7III | VLOG April 18, 2021

So, it’s officially spring now in Poland. Hopefully I’ll be posting more and more awesome footage from amazing places – here on YouTube as well as on my Instagram. In this video I’m also talking about why I started using my smartphone more often (for photos) + which lens is my favorite now for outdoor shooting with Sony a7iii.

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