Water attacks my house… again June 27, 2021

Water attacks my house again. Last time it happened a couple of years ago, however it was not so devastating. Nature seems to be gaining strength… or it’s just climate change… DOWNLOAD my sounds pack “SOUNDS of WATER”.

Me vs Adobe | 1:0 June 20, 2021

I’d been arguing with Adobe for about 3 weeks, and finally they admitted that I was right. I just wanted to cut the background…

1 SECOND per SHOT TRIP June 6, 2021

I really hate putting together videos from my trips when I do not have any idea or scenario in my head while I’m just taking random shots of everything I see around. This was exactly this kind of a trip, so I decided to make it a little bit more fun and every single shot from it in this video lasts only 1 second. Check it out

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