Why your voice sucks with Rode NTG3 April 25, 2021

In this video I share my thoughts on why your voice may suck even if you use an amazing microphone like Rode NTG3​. I went through it. My voice sucked. Not anymore 😎 DOWNLOAD HERE my FREE Premiere Pro template with audio presets. WATCH how to make your audio better.​

Spring in Poland. Taking pictures using smartphone vs. Sony a7III | VLOG April 18, 2021

So, it’s officially spring now in Poland. Hopefully I’ll be posting more and more awesome footage from amazing places – here on YouTube as well as on my Instagram. In this video I’m also talking about why I started using my smartphone more often (for photos) + which lens is my favorite now for outdoor shooting with Sony a7iii.

I made a SOUND DESIGN using JUST my MOUTH April 10, 2021

In this video I decided to try to make a sound design for stock videos using only my mouth, to figure out whether it’s possible and if it will sound good.

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