Crispy audio in Premiere Pro | 5 Easy Tips + FREE TEMPLATE February 27, 2021

In this video I share my 5 Premiere Pro tips that make my audio sound crispy and juicy. DOWNLOAD HERE my FREE Premiere Pro template with audio presets. This free version includes: ► Structured folders for the Premiere Pro project ► Premiere Pro template with ready Audio Presets (voice enhancement, sub-mix, mastering) ► Structured audio on the timeline and in the Audio Track Mixer (VOICE, SFX, MUSIC) ► 2 presets (separate .prfpset files) for NTG3 and Rode VideoMicro microphones. Enjoy!

How to CALIBRATE a MONITOR without a colorimeter | Fast & easy tip February 18, 2021

In this video I show how you can easily calibrate your monitor without using a Colorimeter or mobile applications. This technique is not perfect and depends on the model of the phone you own, however it works great for me. Here is the list of the best phone displays in 2021. Here you can see some tests for the Absolute Color Accuracy.

Samyang 24mm T1.5 vs Sony 24mm F.1.4 GM | MANUAL vs AUTO February 11, 2021

These two lenses may be compared to 2 almost identical cars with the only one major difference – the first has a manual transmission, the second one – automatic. The rest is more or less the same. Well…almost. But if you are still curious about my non scientific comparison, watching this video to see these lenses side by side.

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