Talk to nature and be like a kid. Short vlog about mind reset. November 3, 2020

When I feel kind of exhausted after weeks of stress and lack of sleep, the best way to gain some energy and regenerate myself is getting out into nature.

Regardless of the weather or mood it always helps. It gives me stress relief, physical strength and it allows me to reach deep into my thoughts. It always provides me with new signs, fresh ideas and stimulates my creativity.

Facing nature helps me to set very simple goals, similar to the ones that kids set for themselves. They are clear and executable. Do not be afraid when you have a complicated problem and everything is going wrong, just stop and try to ask simple questions.

When we were kids every small thing, every flower or branch was a big piece of that huge mysterious world. We were so full of curiosity, we asked questions about everything, waiting for the answers coming from the mouths of our parents. And that was so simple.

I’ve been thinking about that recently and I see that with time we stop asking questions, we try to get the answer right away using our experience, projections and very subjective interpretations. I think to better understand something or someone, to eliminate unnecessary judgments or to have a full picture of something, we must behave sometimes like kids, we should think like them and not create borders pretending that we know everything. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to say your dreams out loud. Bring the fire in your eyes back from the times you were a kid

Talk to nature, ask simple questions and you’ll hear the answers you need.

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