Alice in Wonderland | Garden of Lights | Samyang 24mm T1.5 November 25, 2020

It might sound weird but I’ve never read a book or watched the cartoon “Alice in Wonderland”. Until this year. And thanks to my daughter and also the temporary exhibition in my city (Cracow) I plunged for a couple of hours into a fairy-tale world. Again I used my Samyang 24mm T1.5 cine lens with my Sony a7 III camera. This time in low light conditions. Extremely hard to focus while having the aperture set to F1.5, because the lens…

This Color of the River… Short vlog from LEŚNY DWÓR November 10, 2020

Due to lockdown in many countries and several travel limitations and just for my own family safety, I’ve started traveling more often to places that are located pretty close to me which I’ve never had a chance to visit before. I am so excited! Hopefully I will be able to make more and more creative stuff from such places. Shot with Sony a7III + NEUTRAL and HLG3 profile

I used my SAMYANG 24mm lens again… RACŁAWKI VALLEY November 6, 2020

Here are my new reflections on the Samyang 24mm T1.5 manual cine lens with the Sony a7III body: 1) It is much more efficient for closeups.2) Extremely hard to focus with F1.5-2.8 especially on a distant objects.3) Weird flares which may be useful as part of an artistic vision and less useful whenever you need to have a clean shot.4) Wider shots may seem a little bit too soft. I should say this lens is still a great choice for…

Talk to nature and be like a kid. Short vlog about mind reset. November 3, 2020

When I feel kind of exhausted after weeks of stress and lack of sleep, the best way to gain some energy and regenerate myself is getting out into nature. Regardless of the weather or mood it always helps. It gives me stress relief, physical strength and it allows me to reach deep into my thoughts. It always provides me with new signs, fresh ideas and stimulates my creativity. Facing nature helps me to set very simple goals, similar to the…

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