Vlogging During Quarantine March 26, 2020

A little bit of my life from the last couple of days. I have to admit that a lot is happening in my life, despite all the restrictions that are increasing daily due to the corona virus epidemic. If you’ve told me a month ago that in couple of weeks I would go to a supermarket wearing a respirator mask and protection gloves, I would have thought you are crazy. But today unfortunately this is a reality ?

Creators, DO NOT STOP, Create! March 21, 2020

We are living in very interesting times. Everything is changing so fast and radically. Despite all this, let’s remember to be wise, humane and smart while tying to make this world better and safer. Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones ❤.

2 MOST IMPORTANT filmmaking SECRETS March 11, 2020

If you are a filmmaker who has just started a journey and constantly looking for key information on what is the determinant of a good movie or what are the main elements you should pay attention to before you start filming, then this episode is definitely for you. During these few minutes I am talking about the two most important, in my opinion, elements that, regardless of the type of your film, will take it to another (higher) level. Enjoy…

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