Holi Festival in Bochnia August 29, 2019

Back in June ’19 when I was in Bochnia, at some moment I found myself in the very middle of Holi Festival.

For the ones who do not know what it is. In one sentence, this is an ancient Hindu festival which signifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated as a day of spreading happiness and love (or just arrival of spring after winter); people celebrate the festival by smearing each other with paint, and throwing colored powder and dye around in an atmosphere of great good humor. For people who do not belong to Indian or Nepal culture such celebration in fact is just a way of having some fun.

That was really amazing to walk around and see happy faces of people painted with all colors of rainbow. I wanted to join this crowd as well, but decided to shoot and memorize the event. One day I will join as a participant for sure. At that time I was just trying to not be a target. Fortunately I was not “injured” and my camera survived ?

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