20 Facts About Belarus December 23, 2016

Have you ever heard about such country as Belarus? I bet there are many of you who did not 🙂 No worries. I prepared amazing 5 minutes long animation where I am walking through 20 facts about my country.

I am sure you wish to know the behind-the-scenes of this short video. I am more than happy to share it with you.

Well, one day when I was playing with Adobe After Effects I came up with the idea to make some short cartoon/animation. But to create one you need to have an idea first of all. I wanted to somehow relate it to my routes — Belarus. Why then to not make a cool video about some interesting facts that even not all Belarusians aware of? I started to study the topic and created a list of 30 or even more facts. Then selected the most interesting and less controversial ones and asked my friend Dźmitry Kliabanaŭ (who is a professor assistant in the area of Belarusian & Russian philology and culturology at one of the Universities in Cracow) to edit the text in… Polish.

Right after that I started working on the project. In the meantime I asked my brother Yan Supanenka to write a music (he is a fantastic composer by the way). Finally before Christmas 2016 I published the video on YouTube and social media. It was an explosion. I had thousands of views, journalists wanted to talk to me, some major news portals from Belarus posted the articles about the video (like here or here). All this happened because Belarusian society is very sensitive to all kinds of promotional materials about our country. It is not very common when someone from abroad is posting positive nice looking video or animation about Belarus in foreign language — it becomes viral in hours. That is what happened to “20 Facts About Belarus”.

In fact nobody knew it was created by a Belarusian — just a few days later I corrected couple of newspapers saying, hey guys, by the way, the video was not created by foreigners (talking about journalistic approach to check everything before posting the news). Then everyone started saying ok, then, why wouldn’t you create the same video but in Belarusian? Then someone added — in English as well, please! I could not resist. What could I do? I created two more (I should thank here, of course, my very good friend Anna Fernandes, who is a translator, for editing and helping me with the English version of the video).

So above you saw the version in English, below you can see the Belarusian and the original one in Polish which by this moment has already reached almost a quarter million views. That really excites me, first of all because of the fact that now much more people aware about existence of my country and finally they know also some positive aspects, not only “last dictatorship in Europe” or “the only European country with the death penalty” stamps. I am happy about my small cultural contribution.

Belarusian version of the video

Polish version of the video (originally published on my comedy & entertainment channel The Emigrants)

Later on I was even asked to use the video in public transportation in Brest (big city on South West of Belarus). How could I refuse?

At the end of this post i just wanted to share with you my thoughts about something very important. This all started in my head sitting in front of the computer and thinking about how useful may be my animation for others. So simple idea has grown into a huge project that I really enjoyed. Do what you love and you will be the best in it.

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