The Politician May 31, 2016

The politician got kidnapped. An inquisitive journalist is trying to uncover this mystery.

There was so much going on around this film that I do not know what to start with. Probably I will start with the question why I shot this film.

After completing a “Mistake” movie I felt a hunger for more. It is hard to explain but the ones who accomplished something they were working hard on and then started finally to believe in him or herself — those ones would understand. I just understood that this is it — this is my passion and I should keep moving forward and develop my skills.

Circumstances. Chance. Luck. You may call it like you want but exactly at the same moment when the new idea for the movie lighted up in my head, I received a regular monthly “spam” e-mail from RØDE (I purchased a microphone form them in 2014, since then I was getting some subscription e-mails). So in one of those e-mails they encouraged everyone to participate in the “My RØDE Reel Short Film Competition 2016” which is the largest short film competition in the world. Yes. WORLD. And then I started thinking: “…well I have their gear (it was one of the conditions), I have an idea for the movie, I have amazing friends and support. Let’s do it!”

And it started. Registering, preparations for shooting, day X (yes, it took us just one shooting day), post-production, submission… It was a great experience and fun. I was especially surprised with the condition that it was supposed to be just a max 3 minutes long film — and I totally understand the organizers, as they had to watch all the movies from around the world + behind-the-scenes videos that we also were supposed to attach. Anyway 3 minutes is really a lot and it is totally enough to tell the story. I saw amazing films and while watching them I thought, gosh, is it really just 3 minutes? And timeline was fair with me.

Probably it will be easier for you to just watch the behind-the-scenes video to understand and feel the atmosphere me and my crew were working in. Here it is:

By the way following THIS link you will be able to see the original entry page of my submission with the movie description, gear, cast and other stuff.

This wonderful Opel Manta A (1972) I borrowed from my beloved friend Gleb Piatikow

Me in bushes while making some “cinematic movement” shot

To cut a long story short we did not win in any category, however anyway RØDE sent some gifts for participating in the contest. It was very nice of them.

Nice t-short and mobile microphone from RØDE

Soon after that I submitted the short movie to several film festivals and some time later I received a notification that it got into the official selection and then to the final stage of the IndieWise Film Festival. “The Politician” did not win a prize but getting so far from among thousands of submitters was a really great achievement for me.

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