Mistake November 16, 2015

I was always dreaming about being able to shoot the short movie about love. In 2015 my dream came true.

The scenario for this film I was carrying in my head for a long time. Then finally one day I told myself: “its time to take an action”.

I showed the script to my friends, then to potential actors. To be honest I did not have much experience in dealing with pre-production with a bigger amount of people and did not know what to expect, weather everyone would just tell me to not waste their time or something similar. However to my surprise most of my friends accepted this proposal with enthusiasm. And that is the first lesson I’ve learned — never judge beforehand, just ask. Asking a help is so simple. Apart from that you will probably not realize how wonderful friends you have until you share with them your idea.

Then very slowly but the production process moved forward. I even created two teasers for this 5 minutes long film just to let everyone know that I was working on the movie and I have not abandoned the project (however I had such thoughts in the middle if it).

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

Thanks to the actors, crew and everyone who helped in creation of this piece of art, finally our hard work did pay out. I finished it and invited all the participants to my apartment to watch the film. And you know what? I was happy. Not because the movie was great (because it was ?), but mainly because I proved to myself that I may not only have dreams in my head, but I am also able to fulfill them.

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