Pole Dance – Agnieszka Szczepanik February 2, 2015

On this video Agnieszka rocks on the pole.

One day a friend of mine asked if I can create a short video for her pole dance colleague. How could I refuse! Moreover I had never seen somebody doing it professionally and live. We set the exact date and on shooting day I grabbed my DSLR camera, glidecam, LED light and just showed up at the venue with no expectations whatsoever.

I liked the result and moreover I created two versions of the film: the short and the long one. The long video was more technical, focused mostly on capturing entire dance figures and patterns as it was supposed to be presented as a qualification material for some dancing contest.

The first video you saw above. Below is a full version of it. Enjoy!

Thanks to “Pole Dance Studio Silver Cat” for inviting me!

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