Without You February 11, 2014

The poem “Without You” written by a Belarusian poet Nina Maciash is being read by my friend Kristina Punko.

I created this video specially for a “Litara-A” initiative. This is a cultural multimedia project aimed at promoting Belarusian literature. Founded in October 2013 in Minsk by a film director, operator and head of the “Zvonka” video production studio Pavel Dounar together with a model, Polish and Belarusian language & literature teacher Dzianis Burko.

The main idea of “Litara-A” — creation of short videos on which everyone can recite a poem or prose in Belarusian.

I accepted the invite and created my own short. It was even more challenging as I did not even have at that time any microphone. So I used an iPhone 4S for it and it did work pretty cool.

Additionally I want to give special thanks to my beloved friends Paulo & Anna Fernandes who appeared in this poetic film and were supporting me in my idea.

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